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Title: Historique du forum
Post by: sergiodadi on 30 August 2011, 21:56:32 pm
Historique du forum:
Title: Re : Historique du forum
Post by: admin on 08 September 2020, 16:57:09 pm
Changement d’hébergeur en 2019  :)
Title: Re : Historique du forum
Post by: sergiodadi on 10 February 2021, 09:54:14 am
Mise à jour en v 2.0.18

The patch is focused on PHP 7.4 support as well as other issues encountered on previous versions such as
Title: Re: Historique du forum
Post by: manage-forum-ny on 16 March 2023, 08:45:55 am
Mise à jour en ElkArte 1.1.9:

Today, we are pleased to release ElkArte 1.1.9. This is the 10th release in the 1.1 line.

This release addresses any remaining compatibility issues with PHP 8.1. In addition to full PHP 8.x support, bugs were identified and fixed, enhancements to existing functionality was added and a several new features were added. Overall this is a large update intended to bridge the gap between the 1.1 and upcoming 2.0 line.

New Features and Enhancements

- Quick Quote allows you to select text in a post and quote just that selection when making a reply.
- Quote Show More is a quote display limiting function. Should someone quote a long post, only a portion is shown unless the users selects the "show more" text that is overlayed on the quote. This length is configurable in the admin panel.
- Webp support for attachments and avatars.
- Open graph meta data and micro data, to help with SEO, is generated and inserted in the page output.
- Nested Quote Depth level vs previous behavior of yes/no.
- Save avatars as and thumbs as PNG option has been removed. The system will now detect if the image has transparency and save as appropriate (Webp or if not enabled then PNG or JPG)

Refer to the release notes on the forum for a complete list of improvements, updates and fixes (